Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Weekend update time. This was a successful training weekend. I found my big girl panties and put them on. What I mean is I conquered most of my fear of what if I can not go the distance . It feels good so here we go.

I asked my dad if he would fallow me on his bike Saturday morning because I wanted some company. So since I have a super supportive dad he said Yes. I really wanted to get out there early and not stop because of I wanted to beat the heat . It was a hot one. I picked up my dad in Solana Beach we drove 20 miles north to Oceanside and then we made our way back to my dads car. It was humid and it was flat because I ran all along the coast. I decided not to run on the trails because I would of had to run alone. My dad is not a big of the trails in this heat. ( me neither ) I felt great and I did my 20 miles with no problem and I needed no problem miles because I just wanted a long happy run. It was just what my doctor ordered. 

Sunday morning my dad and I met in Mission Bay around 6:30
We went around the bay once and added a little extra to make 10. I was not as hot as Saturday so that was a big plus. It was still warm . The view was beautiful but what I really wanted was to jump in the water. 

So after this weekend I had a 48 miles for the week. It was 48 miles of being on a mini vacation with lots of added heat.

What I learned this weekend was cotton T shirts are super heavy when wet. My dad is a Rock Star and you can not drink enough water in this heat. Oh I almost forgot on my run Sunday I met a man that goes by the name of Trail Dan. Super cool man . He told me some stories about his many years of running and then went on to tell me about the year he finished Badwater ,Western States and so many other runs. It was really great to hear his stories. I love people with history that love to share there stories . I hope you got out this weekend and I have less than a month until my race…I am getting excited. Happy Miles.

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