Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dick Collins 50 miler part 1

Hi guys I made it. I am going to tell you half of my story today and I will post the other half tomorrow because I am waiting on those pictures. We flew into San Jose and the night before the race Jack was seriously unhappy. I think it was his teeth but having a crying baby in a hotel room is stressful so I got maybe 3 hours sleep. I was up at 4:30 am and my butt was at the start  by 5:45am. The race started at 6:30 so I had plenty of time to get my bib and go to the bathroom and get my drop bags to the right place. As soon as I got in line to get my bib  standing next to me was Dr. Gordy Ainsleigh wearing his number 0. It was really cool to see someone in there 60s that has been running for as long as he has who is still so passionate about running. This man has ran the Western states course 120 times. (crazy cool ) So the race started in the dark and I did not bring my head lamp and that was ok because there was so many people with them and the race starts on concrete for about the first 20 minutes and by then the sun was out. 

The really cool thing about running this distance is that I can talk when I run because I am running at a pace I can keep for 50 miles  right? I first met a lady that lives on the same street as my mother in law. She was really sweet and this was her first 50 miler and she was in her 50s. Thats so perfect. Then I met lady who ran up to me and said hey wanna talk ? I said sure and for about 2 hours we ran together. She was 20 years older than me and could kick my butt any day. I was and am so inspired to keep running and stay healthy. 

I took these pictures while running and there no the best but the course was so inspiring. I would look up only to see these majestic massive trees all around me. 

This race Dick Collins Had the best aid stations I have seen in a race. I know I haven't ran that many trail runs but these people where serious about there stations. They all had huge smiles and they were very excited to help you. I made sure to thank them all for being there. Its always great to see so many happy smiles when your out trying to run 50 miles.  I felt strong and happy and the hardest part was the hills. There was so many hills. They never stopped . Just ask my legs.

I just kept running and I did not use music. I talked a-lot with God. I did most of the talking but I felt heard. I knew I wanted to finish around 11 hours so I also did a-lot of math. I was so freaking happy..

I was at the top of world. So for nutrition I drank Trailwind until mile 25 . Then I started with a GU every 45 minutes and I had a banana at every aid station and I felt great. 

You could see clear to San Francisco. 

Its kinda hard not to be happy when your running here. 

30 minutes before I got to the turn around this guy I met his name was Rob told OK Gloria for the next 3 miles we get to run down hill lets go. It was so cool we ran together as fast as we could down hill it was not that fast but I felt like I flying with some pain but it was a great feeling. 

This was mile 25. There was a great aid station and good food and drop bags. I sat down and put some stuff in my bag and got up and started up again. I did not want to stop for to long I just wanted to keep going. It was a little warm but totally manageable.  

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