Wednesday, October 15, 2014

D.C. 50 miler part 2

 I took this at mile 37. This was where I picked up my pacer Andy.  I know him from Instagram and he used to work with Mike so he was not a total stranger. He was the perfect pacer. He was very talkative and happy. That worked for me. Oh and he likes taking pictures and his wife is a scrapbooker. How cool is that he was a fun runner with great stories.. I was feeling great at this point. I was almost done. 

This was close to the end. There where balloons and lots of family and friends waiting for there runners. I felt the best Mile 30 to 35 . I felt the worse mile 40 to 42 by that I mean I felt so tired like all I needed was a 20 minute nap. I felt great after mile 42 not because I was almost done but because I kept thinking this is what I have wanted for the last couple years and here I am. DOing it. SO I tried to take it all in. My wish came true. 

Maybe this sounds a little wimpy but I dreamt about having enough time to train and not getting injured and actually getting to go do this for a very long time. Everything came together and I finished my first race. This is Andy and a very tired me and Jack looks tired too.

At the finish with my family. My phone was a little blurry I forget to clean it. I got a cool Jacket and a wine glass but no medal. I wanted a medal but hey I put the wine glass on top of my medal rack.

Thats the end of my adventure ..I loved this sign. This is what I learned ultra runners are cool people they talked with me and we shared special moments. I love this freaking sport. I love that I came in smack in the middle of my age group. I love that I came in 11:47 minutes and yes I believe if you want something bad enough you will get it..You just need to put the work in. I loved all 50 miles. I hope to do this same race next year I give it 5 stars..Dick Collins marathon/ 50 miler..

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