Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Next Sunday..

Hi. I have been resting up and being a mom. I have gone for a couple good runs but I a trying to listen to my body. I have a 50K that I have been looking forward doing this sunday. It will be my first time running The Hodges 50k. I have heard great things about this race and I am crossing my fingers its not to hot. I know its a really well put together race and the organizer is a really great guy. Mike has ran this race twice and he did great. I just want to have a good time and do a little better than my last 50k. The race is about 15 minutes from my house so that is very cool. A local 50k.
Lake Hodges is always full of runners I think its hard to find trails around here and you can get a-lot of solid miles out there.There are hills and its pretty.  I had a bad experience out there once so I really don't run there as much as I could. I ran out of water and it was over 100 degrees and I was not alone but it sucked . I will be running 31 miles out there Sunday so I should get over any feeling I have about Hodges while I am out there. I am looking forward to the experience and seeing some friends out there on the trail. Oh and seeing my dad and family at the finish line is always a huge plus. I have my kids this weekend so they will be there too. I love having cool races to look forward to but even more the cool life experience you get is kinda awesome .

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