Friday, November 7, 2014

Mommy Adventures

Life is to short to give another minute to anyone or anything that does not make you happy !!!

This little guy and I went on an adventure this week. After running the Mount Laguna Marathon I decided that I felt really good about how well I know the trail. I have ran the whole thing a couple times and I bought a map so I felt ready. I put my fear aside and put on the Osprey back pack with Jack in it and off we went. He is a-lot heavier than I thought but I love a good challenge. We hiked 5 miles and it was not easy but it was a blast. I had such a great time and it went quickly. I guess I just believed I can't carry that pack and do it all on my own,  but hey I did and yes I can. 

Jack loved it too. He loved pulling on my hair and when he looked up at the sky he yelled wow.. I took him out of the pack and he walked about half a mile with me and then he wanted to go back in the pack. The kids owns me. 

So I learned that fear will hold you back from doing some of the stuff that could bring you so much joy. I know I am 42 but its a big deal that I took Jack all by myself on a long hike in the woods and we did not get lost and nothing bad happened either.. It was so much fun and we had a picnic too. I plan on making this a weekly thing. Life is to short to let my fears get in the way. So here is to me saying goodbye to the little fears that hold me back in a big way . Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get a good long run in.

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