Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter Blues/ Not Here

I saw this quote and I felt this huge aaahhhh
Running is hard for me in the Winter.. There I said it. I find it hard to feel excited and that running glitter is just not running in my head right now. Oh winter why do you do this .
OK so I ask myself what is the upside to this feeling ? I will tell you. So no I don't really want continue my scheduled running schedule. It is not really cold here so that is a bad excuse. Winter brings me down. I feel like the short days take my light with them. Then I listen to that voice in my head that says G.. if you don't run all the time than your not a real  runner. The crap that the little voice in my head says.
I am choosing not to listen to it because its crap in the winter. The up side to this is that because I am feeling these things I get to choose. I am making a choice not to listen to the way I feel. Just because I feel that running is hard for me in the winter does not make me stop. Just because I want to be a big baby does not make me a baby. I am writing this because I so many of us put so much stress on ourselves this time of year. Its hard so just because that little voice in your head says something does not make it true. I am trying to be more grateful and really practicing or trying to practice being here . When I feel a negative I go to the quite place in my head ( were its silent no little voice ) take a deep breath and go on. I ignore the negative voice and choose to do what needs to be done. I am smiling more because I am choosing too. So the upside to the winter blues is becoming aware that I don't have to be blue. I just have to work a little harder to stay happy… Running overflows all over the place in my life..
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