Friday, December 12, 2014

Dec 12th

Hello and can you believe its almost here again Christmas ! I have been on mommy duty. That includes a lot of driving , homework and hugs. Little man is my full time companion while his daddy works and this week we went to the park and walked a-lot. I can honestly say he is the most active baby I have had. Maybe he gets that from me.He is a great napper so I cannot complain.  I am also caught up on my December Daily and that's so exciting. Regarding Christmas presents I still have shopping to do.

I also got to spend time today with  my Bella . I knew she needed mommy time. Sometimes when your growing up there are mommy things that we just need. Today  she had a bad cold we watched a movie and held hands. That was what she needed from me to hold her hand. Easy and special. Time they say is the gift that means the most. I can see time going by. I can see that right before me they are growing up and I really need for my sake  to be with them and be a huge part of there life. I wish today could last forever. Have a wonderful night and now time to get all my stuff ready for my long runs.

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