Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec 9th

Our Sunday morning run started super early. We all met up at 6a.m. This is right where we started.  Looks a scary movie.  I was not as tired as I thought I would be.  First of all I was just so happy to be on time and I really did not get to lost. Those are all things that helped my morning get of to a good start. I want to say and I mean this it is feels so different to run as the day goes from dark to light. I almost feel like I am running on two different days. 

before you know it suddenly the day is welcoming you. I am really enjoying running on all new trails. The whole exploring and getting to run so many trails in San Diego is really awesome. 

There was four of us on Sunday and two people ran 25 miles and two people ran 20. I was in the 20 group. I need to have enough gas in my tank to go home and be a good mommy and not grumpy mom and so 20 miles was perfect. There was a-lot of hills and what we ended up running was the back portion of the 50 miler I will be running in a month. The weather here is amazing and while out on my run I got great news. My friend Jeff got his lottery ticket pulled for Western States. I an so happy for him and his family it is really a dream come true for him.  The reason this blog post took me two days was because I have been really tired..( I wonder why ) I think from what I read my body will get used to long back to back runs eventually. I will let you know when I feel that happening.. So are you getting excited about next year and picking out your races ? me too..

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