Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6. On running my first 100 mile race

Hi .. I am officially running the San Diego 100 . I will be running 100 miles in June. I am nervous excited. I am feeling little or big butterflies in my tummy and I am more motivated now to train my butt of so I can have a good 100 mile race experience. Does that exist ? I payed and they took my money so that means I am in.   Gloria will be running her first 100 mile race. OMG
I made my room reservations and I told my dad. I feel like I won something. This is what this feels like for me. I went to the running fair and the had a raffle and they picked my number and I won and I get to run with all these amazing people and do something I have never done before and I have a couple months to train to do this thing to the best of my ability. 
AHHHH !!! What else could a girl ask for beside having a guy who says he will take care of everything he needs to so I can train for this.  Oh wait I have that too. Can you tell I am excited.  I have been thinking about this for years. I just did not think that I would have the opportunity to train for a race like this but  look its here. I am so so so excited to do this. You know how they say dream big. This is my big dream. Great way to start of the year. I have my first race of the year in 10 days. Then let the training begin. 

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