Saturday, February 28, 2015

For The Love of Running

This morning I had the best run. I was actually thinking I want to blog about my run now. To start we ran on the street this morning instead of trail. 
I love running on the street because it is so easy compared to a the trail. Trail running is an entire body work out.
I love that I do not have to focus on where I am running and I can just day dream.
 I loved that it was supposed to rain so it looked like the sky was angry. 
I loved the short showers fallowed by quick visits by the sun that came and left quickly.
I loved the rolling hills. 
 I felt so good and happy the entire time even though I forgot to wear my running undies so my pants where bothering me I really did not care because it was just so good. I needed a good long run. I needed the freedom and distance.

This was the part I loved the most. Running with a great group of people that make me laugh and love to run as much as I do. We ran an easy 20 miles and it was what I call good stuff !!!

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