Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ragnar race report

Here they are my new friends I made and bonded with over the weekend. 8 very cool chill human beings. I felt very lucky and happy to be a part of our Team. The Ragnar Del Sol took place in Arizona. We did a 9 person really and coverers 205 miles. Totally fun. I felt like a big kid playing outdoors for 30 hours. It is also nice getting to know completely new people that have a common interest as me. Running

Here I am running my first leg and feeling happy. We got super lucky because it never got to hot. The weather was perfect and a little overcast. We had blisters going on . People sleeping while others ran. Lots of bathrooms stops we ate a-lot of snacks and we made more u turns than I could count.

My favorite part was getting to cheer your team on. Being right there when the trade of happened. This is John handing of to Chris.

The views are always amazing when your talking about the desert in the winter. We mostly ran on the pavement but some of us got lucky and got some short trail runs in there. Mine was at 2 am. Running at night is a very cool experience. I highly recommend it. Talking about each others run every couple of hours is so much fun too. There is excitement in the air . Your a little nervous about running your leg but when you come back you are totally excited about the experience. I really loved running The Ragnar and I think the company did a great job putting on the race. 

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