Monday, March 9, 2015

Back to the Mountains I Go

This weekend was crazy busy. Crazy busy.. I want to start this post by saying that I have been just so tired lately and have thought to myself maybe this is way to much. Maybe I can't run this much and still have a life so what I decided was I am getting my miles in but on the weekdays I am going at whatever pace I go at. I am not worried about how fast I go. I am putting in the miles and some are at a great pace and some are slow. I have come to an understanding within myself and thank you running for teaching me this very important lesson. I am not running to win a race and the truth I can't run that fast. I am not going to lie and say I wouldn't love too run super fast because I would love to know what that feels like but I am an average pace runner and I love it. I am always enough when I run because I am giving 100% and that is enough. I love the humility I am taught by the distances I run. This is kinda funny or sad I don't know but so many times when I do the longer runs I do not want it to end. I feel like when you go out with your girlfriends and you know you all have to go home but its just getting good. That's the feeling I get. Just one more mile please….
My big race is really coming up. June 6th my first 100 miler. Holy Shit !!! I am training with an amazing group of runners. This weekend we had a 22 mile run on Saturday. It was a challenging run and its was mostly up hill. We ran the first half of the PCT 50 miler. It was beautiful to be back in the mountains. Have I mentioned I love the mountains. One day when my kids are grown I will move to the mountains. I just feel like I am supposed to be there. I loved everything that surrounded me on our run. Yes, I felt like I got my butt kicked but that's good. I am just going to keep on going to the mountains and running and eventually I will get it. I am not giving up and when I go out to run the ultras I have chosen to run this year I will be bringing with me all these hard training runs that kicked my butt and it will be because of them I can confidently show up. 

So here I am sitting and resting because we still had 7 miles to go. Becca took this picture of me. See I am a happy runner. A very happy tired runner. The best thing to be for me. 

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