Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to the PCT

This past weekend we hit the trails again because that is what you do when you are training. I feel like I can not miss any training runs right now because the race is getting closer . The long runs are the really important ones to me. They help with my self confidence. These are races that for me I need to believe 100 percent I can do in order to be successful. So back to back long runs in my book just can't be missed. I drove back up to the PCT to meet my friends. 

I was the only girl and the only slow person to show up. That meant this guys because they are total gentlemen would be waiting every couple miles for me. I always feel bad when I hold people back. In my head I just pushed and looked at the bright side at least they cared enough to wait and you can only apologize so many times for being the turtle. So I embraced it and just kept plugging along.

Here we are again. My friend Robert and me. He was the lucky one who waited most of the time . My IT band hates the trails. It has been really bothering me. I really hope it clears up soon because I am going to run either way.

The guys ran 25 miles I ran 22. It felt like a long day but I was always feel so lucky to be out here. It was a fun not to hot kinda run day. I love that. I had to push myself because all I wanted was to take nap many times. I hope you had a good weekend full of movement too.

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