Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 3 and 4 of our little vacation

I have spent the last couple of days just hanging out here in the mountains with my family. It has been easy and simple. I made pigs in a blanket for dinner one night and for breakfast we had pancakes. I made simple meals and what made them special was that we all sat together with nothing else to distract us except for the trees and the awesome fire burning in our cabin. It is really nice to be in this special place and by place I do not mean location I mean this simple loving family space. 
Today we hiked. I want to explain that our baby boy requires a lot of patience specially if you plan on hiking with him. He does not like the car seat and he does not like the baby carrier but he can only walk for so long before he gets tired so in the baby carrier he goes screaming. That last for about 5 minutes then he settles in and enjoys the ride. We still had a good some what long hike today. The trees are what I find the most amazing here. They are so tall. 
These two had a really good time. They laughed and just hung out. I am really grateful they are growing up to be well behaved and respectful little adults. It is really nice traveling with them. Christopher loves joke books so there is a lot of laughing that goes on around him. Isabella and I did lots of painting and drawing. She is really easy and fun to be with. I thank God everyday she still like spending time with me. 
Here he is the baby. He does love all the open space and running and picking up anything he finds interesting putting it in his mouth or crushing it . Typical baby stuff.
 I hope one day we can live in the mountains. I feel like I am at home and I just love the stillness of everything here. This has been a really good trip for all of us. We have one more day and then we go home. One more day sounds perfect to me. 
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