Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dream Big

You know how life feels . Sometimes its up up up and others its down. I was feeling really tired and I really think its just my body getting used to this running schedule. I was thinking how the he-- am I going to run 100 miles in 52 days and 9 hours. Can I do it ? The reason I keep asking myself this question is because the farther I go the slower I get.  So many negative crappy reasons of why I can't run this far just keep coming up. So today on my run I decided to accept that yes I am getting slower but I am also running twice as many miles as my body has ever ran. I am also tired but I am still taking care of my family. I feel like I was in the grey and I am starting to feel better. I ran 22 Sunday and I felt good. I ran 10 today and I felt really good. So maybe I am starting to see the light. I am definitely eating as healthy as I ever have. I am trying my best to do everything I need to do to have a good race. So I have to come to this conclusion its OK to feel crappy and have tired runs. Its OK to be tired . Its OK for it not to be perfect. Nothing in Life is ever perfect. What is important is That this is my huge dream. I have been thinking about this race for about 5 years. I am doing it I am trying my best and dreaming big. That is important because we all need big dreams. Something that lights us up every time we think about it. So maybe since my Big Dream is only 52 days and 9 hours away and maybe because I feel like I am dreaming huge and big part of me is just scared and its telling the other part of me HOLY COW G  its almost here. I get the crappy thoughts but I am going for it because for every reason I tell myself I can't there are 10 reasons why I can.
I can. I can. I will try my best and do everything I can to make sure that 52 days from now when I am standing at that starting line my ass runs 100 miles.
So if Gloria a 42 year old mom of 4 kids ages 20 to 1 can do this then imagine what you can do !! My message is do not let fear hold you back from Dreaming Big and going for it. Fear is only a feeling but going for it and accomplishing your dream is life changing.

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