Monday, May 25, 2015

11 days to go

I have 11 days to go until I run my first 100 mile race. I have put in the miles and now I am trying to get my brain to wrap my brain around the adventure that lies ahead. My biggest worry are going through the lows everyone talks about. I really haven't had one in years. So I just hope its not to crazy bad. I am going to run it in 20 miles increments . I like that because it makes it 5 challenges for me. I think I also going to think of it as race with 3 levels. Level 1 the first day , level 2 the night and level 3 the morning . If you do well on all three levels you get a buckle. I will have my friend crewing me and that will be awesome. I am sure I will love the support. This week I will share how this normal mom prepares herself for her next crazy ultra adventure. 

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