Saturday, June 13, 2015

San Diego 100 mile Endurance run part 1

The day was finally here I was so ready to do this. My best friend Charlene was here ready to crew me. Jeff, her husband, was going to crew me.  Scott, the director,  told  us all  everything we needed to know to keep ourselves safe. I felt less nervous after listening to him. I knew this was a great race and they we would be safe. 

I got my swag peeps.
Here we are saturday morning at 5:30 am except Natalie is missing. All 7 of us signed up trained together and ran the same course. Here are the Trail Crashers.
This is Jeff he would be my pacer for most of the second half of the race and his wife would be my crew. He let me barrow his spot and my family felt better being able to fallow me for the next 100 miles just to make sure I was ok. (specially my mom) At this point I was so excited. I knew this would be so much fun and I knew I could 50 miles so why not 100 right? right 

Excitement overload going on here. I mean how exciting right? I am standing with a group of dedicated runners all on a mission. The feeling is so awesome. I felt so lucky. I am attempting to do something I have dreamt of for years. 

The race starts at 6am. As I wait for the fast runners to go then the faster than me runners to go soon it was my turn. I started of taking my time and settling into a good place in the runners line. I could see the lake to my right and the sun was shinning but it was cool weather. I was doing it !! That is  what I felt like. Holy Shit G you are here lets just do our best and run Gloria's race. 

So here we are at Pioneer Mail mile 30.5 I felt great. I was a little slower than what I ran at PCT but at this point I thought I might be able to run 27 or 28 hours. I was singing and feeling the runners I am so happy thing. This all felt familiar. 

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