Thursday, June 4, 2015

Its almost here

So here we are new month with some new experiences to look forward to. 1 day and 22 hours  until I run my first 100 mile race. First thing is there is so much planning that goes into a race like this. There is more than one drop bag. I have nutrition for 100 miles to think about and clothes. I feel like a total newbie because the longest run ever is 50 miles and I am about to double that.
I do love feeling like a newbie. So many new experiences and learning to look forward to. I am super excited and crazy nervous  I can say the nervousness is a combination of anxiety and fear. The cool thing is that as soon as I am at the start line all of this feelings will just go away. I have really enjoyed the journey that got me ready for this race. The long runs and all the short runs. Breakfast with my running friends after our Sunday runs. Our occasional beer after a long hot run . It has been very cool making new friends but most importantly for me is that this experience has helped me  embrace and accept so many different things about myself. I feel fine about my speed . I am way more punctual now. I am just more comfortable with who I am as a runner and a mom. I feel more accepting of it all. Long runs really help with helping you get rid of all the crap. The stuff that does not really matter really won't matter after 30 miles on the trails. Therefor you probably do not need to carry that stuff anyway. I think running has made me emotionally lighter. #ILOVETHAT  any experience that helps me grow as a human being is worth having right … 

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