Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Fair

Yesterday we hit the fair. We decided to try doing it a little bit different and going early. This was Jacks first time. I do not thing he liked it. There was a lot going on and a-lot of people and this I am almost two and I can cry loud thing is very real right now. So I practiced my patient skills and carried for most of the day. That counts as a workout believe me. Isabella and I held hands and took it all in. The thing I love about the Del Mar Fair and maybe its this way with all fairs is that everything stays the same . It has looked the same way since I was little. That makes it seem familiar. 

Everything took a long time but I felt like that was the magic of the fair it felt like we had a slow day. We decided to cut it short because jack was ready to go home but we ate and bought stuff we probably do not need. A perfect day at the fair. 

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