Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Simple Fathers day

Today was turned out to be mostly about our Jack. I think that is what happens when your almost 2. Everything seems to revolve around his needs. This fathers day I spent most of the day with my dad and Mike. We spent a-lot of time in the pool and the other time exploring. Gifts where handed out and it was nice to see the guys feel a little appreciated. My dad loves getting gifts and this Fathers day was no different. We talked about going out to eat but Jack was tired so we had Pizza and it was really good. Everyone was happy because Jack was happy. In my house eating in is a-lot easier that going out for the time being. We had a low key fathers day but the boys felt loved. Jack gave kisses and there were lots of smiles. Today just like other days simple was good and that was enough for everyone.

A Blue Pool
A happy Dad
A little boy and lots of kisses..

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