Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Stories

There are so many wonderful memories that I will carry with me probably forever that came from my expirience at the SD100. Training to run these longer distances has taught me a-lot about myself and I have made friends with people I hope to keep as friends/family for a very long time. I went into this race so feeling really emotional and I am not really sure why. I think the distance really scared me. I also felt uneasy about knowing so many people would be helping me. I am a terrible receiver of anything. I love giving but receiving that is hard for me. I had really open myself up to feeling the love my friends showed me. Even know just knowing my friend Charlene stayed up all night and fallowed me around from aid station to aid station just to crew me makes me feel so special. The SD100 took me 31 hours and 12 minutes to finish that is a-lot of waiting around and supporting someone just cause you care for them kind of thing. I feel like maybe my capacity for feeling loved grew during this race. 
Another super fun thing that happens when you run this distance that is so different from say a 50 miler is you have these great talks with total strangers that you have a huge thing in common with (like your all out here trying to run 100 miles) and I think that if I was  not  there during those moments I never would of met these people. I heard so many great stories and crazy impressive distances and races these people had ran it was hard not to be inspired. 
The other thing that really impressed me was the aid station volunteers at this race. These men and woman really care about what is going on with you. They check you out and try and make you comfortable. They feed you and give you good pep talks. They get you ready to go out again and I even got a couple hugs. You have to be an awesome caring person and very giving to give like that. It was great to be around this energy.
I am sure I will be telling stories about how much I love my 100 mile adventure for a while. It was an epic ride even if I did a lot of it in a low gear. Its one I won't forget anytime soon. 
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