Monday, July 13, 2015

Paintings and a couple of good runs

What did you do this weekend ? I got crafty and Athletic. That sounds a little funny but I did. First I really wanted to finish my painting for Jacks nursery . A small part of me is doing the happy dance because I really love it. I love the colors and I feel like Jack has brought so much Joy and love into our lives that lots of color is so my little man to me. This canvas started out at a Hot air Balloon and I think its so perfect when you start and have all these layers of stuff going on and then boom all of a sudden you see a picture and it takes your painting to a completely different place. 
This is the picture that inspired my painting. He was so little its hard to believe he will be 2 soon.  I have loved every minute of being a mom.  I also love the fact that I had a 28 mile weekend. I got both my runs in and even though I didn't go to the mountains to run I ran. So this week I start training again. No more excuses or missed runs I have a schedule and I am sticking to it. I even have new Hokas…Miss G is happy now all I need is a new pack and I will be good to go. Happy Monday peeps.
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