Saturday, August 22, 2015

August Break

I am continuing with August Break. The word is Curves. So many things have curves but I thought about mine and how it can be to accept the ones you have specially after having kids. Its this constant openess one need to have to accepting that our body change with age and accepting that change. Curves is difficult for me. I have always been some what afraid of my own curves. Its a struggle that I constantly work at. Somedays I wake and its fine others I struggle but on most days I am to busy to really care. Life is funny that way.

My aunt is in her 70s and she came over and taught me how to make shredded beef her way. She is the cutest thing stand at 4 feet 9 inches. I love her sweetness and I was grateful to be able to have her in my home. The word for today is real life and this sums up mine.

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