Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Ahha moment

I had a total AHHA moment today!!!
I was looking at Facebook thinking about Saturdays race. My thoughts went something like this. What if I can't finish ? What if my feet hurt ? and then a bunch of negative crap to fallow.
Then I saw this quote and it was a long complicate one but what I got out of it was
 Don't be afraid of hard work. Then I it dawned on me. All that stands between me and the finish line is probably 16 hours of hard work. I can do that. I have done it before. Its a 100k ..62 miles I can do that with a-lot of hard work and I repeat a-lot of hard work. Here is the thing and I can only speak for myself the more I run
 Ultra-Marathons the more I know how hard doing this really is. Even now I find it hard to believe I can actually do this. After every race I sit and say to myself WOW G. You finished. You did all the work and you did it !!
That was my aha moment all that stands between us and what we really want is a ton of hard work. Everything we want we can have if we work for it. This is simple stuff stuff right . Yet so powerful .. This is going to be my mantra for Cuyamaca…Don't be afraid of hard work G. Just keep working.
Thanks for reading and I wanted to share this because I thought this might enlighten you too..

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