Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Night Check in

Hey you ! It is me and I am checking in. So whats going on with me.

I am feeling recovered from Noble Canyon..
That feeling goes with picture number 1.
So even though I love the long races recovering is a necessity for me. A-lot of sleep and more sleep. Jack sleeps I sleep. I also am doing my green homemade smoothie thing everyday sometimes twice a day and I am not sure if it helps but  I am drinking them.
picture number 2
 says I choose to believe the green drink thing helps.
Then there is picture number 3.
 I had the best run today. Yes it was so crazy hot and yes I forgot my water and music but I am thinking that is what made it so great. It was 7 miles and I was soaking wet but it was so good. It was one of those runs that reminds you why you love the runners high so much, maybe the only 7 mile thing made it nice too.
SO what is up picture number 4.
I am Nervous and scared about my last race. You KNow Cuyamaca 100k. I have heard so many scary stories about it. I have heard the second loop is so hard ,maybe the second loop is crazy hard. You know how it works when people tell you it is going to be really hard then only two things can happen. It is either crazy hard or it is going to be way easier than I think. I have never ran tho space before so that also makes it intimidating but and are you ready when I finish this race I will get my Grand Slam Jacket. Please do not worry I will do a how do I wear a Grand Slam Jacket blog post. So with less than 1 week to before my next 100k I will be checking in soon…I think I the runners high thing is still with me…. 
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