Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I am looking forward too.

This was 2012. I ran Noble Canyon for the first time. Making this my first successful attempt at finishing an ultra marathon. I was so nervous I cried in the car and then I got sick. The start was awesome. I ran with Jeff and Mike. OK we started together and they finished way before me but we ran together for the start. It was such a good time. Next Saturday I will be running my second Noble Canyon. I am so excited and today I got butterflies in my tummy at the thought of running another long race. What excites me the most is the amount of time I get to be out there running. In the mountains in nature. I love that feeling. The feeling of being free of everything. Its just me and how far my legs can take me. EEEKK If you want to ready post 3 years ago you can go here.

One more week to go !!! DO you have any races coming up ? do you get butterflies ?
Happy Trails

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