Thursday, December 3, 2015

Exploring with Jack

One of the lessons I have learned this year is that nothing can compare to the time I have spent with my dad and Jack going on our little day trips. Even though I feel tired sometimes and like I don't want to drive an hour away to go visit some tractors I have learned to change my perspective and then the whole trip and day changes. Yesterday we went to the Automotive and Tractor Museum. I am not a tractor girl but I literally tell myself ," G you are going to have a great time let's just do this with a smile." Then I have such a good time. Jack is 2 and at two everything is new and wonderful I try hard to look at stuff through his eyes. I try and not have crazy expectations and just enjoy myself. I ended up loving the tractors. 

So this place we visited was about 5 acres of old tractors. model cars and old engines from the 1920's. There where mechanic out there running the model T cars and it was really interesting. My dad wad in heaven and so was Jack. I guess one of my big lessons for 2015 has been to stop fighting it. I am choosing to accept all things that come my way. Choose Happy 

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