Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December

Can you believe December is here ? I have heard that so many times and yes I can. I can see my children growing up right before my eyes. They are so much taller and mature. Jack is talking in full sentences and I have a couple more wrinkles and I feel this is exactly like it is supposed to be. My second chance and as time flies by I try and close my eyes as often as I can and take a deep breath and thank God. It feels right.
I went to register my car yesterday and I tried to connect with the lady that was helping me. She was gathering all my paper work and I asked how her Thanksgiving was ? I put my phone away so I would not be tempted. I made eye contact and just like that we connected and that took over. She had lots she wanted to share with me and I loved her story about how her mom celebrated the Holidays.( I think she was about 60 )  She thanked me for asking and just like that I felt happier and I think she did too. She held my hand before I left and said have a nice day.
I want to see the people that help me. The clerk at the store and the lady at triple AAA. I want to try and be really grateful for there services. I am going to practice that this month. I think most people want to be seen and everyone wants to be appreciated. I think its a great way to spread some Christmas cheer . So here we go into the last month of the year. 
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