Saturday, January 2, 2016

Good News Saturday

 Its the second day of the year. January of 2016 is in full swing. We had a short run this morning 10 miles. My girlfriend has a big race coming up. The San Diego 50 miler. I am so excited for her. 
 Can you tell ? She has done all the proper training and she is already a strong runner so I know she is going to have a great race. This is one of the perks that comes with running with awesome people . I feel like we are all on the same team. I feel so lucky that I have friends I get to show up for because they dare to dream big. That translates to when my friends run I go cheer them on.
Going into the new year one of the goals I have is to keep my zeal for life going. Life can get boring if you let it and I admit I love to dream but that is part of what keeps me happy. Running gives me time to dream and almost all my runs include time to dream. Clear my mind,  let go of worries I just do not need to hold on too and my biggest thing is how incredibly grateful I feel for my life when I run. The distance does not matter and most of the time I do not know what my pace is but when I am done what I take with me is this Joy, gratitude and I get to feel good about myself because I got my work out in. Its a win win situation if you ask me. 

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman 

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