Sunday, January 3, 2016

Its a healthy thing

The weather report said it is going rain for three days so just in case I got out the door as early as I could. That's how today's run began. I drove to the trails and went out for two hours. It was a beautiful morning and I am so glad I got out of the house and had my me time. Here is one of the things about getting out . When I go work out at the gym I totally get that angst about showing up. I know its going to be hard and I also know that I am going to be very sore the next day but after I show up I feel so good even if I can't sit down. I feel good about myself. Feeling good about yourself is just a HEALTHY thing.  I know getting started can be hard but that should not stop you from going for it. If you don't start now then when ???             

It is the beginning of a new year that makes it a perfect time to try something new. Why not ?
It might feel like stepping off a cliff only to find solid ground beneath you.

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