Friday, February 5, 2016

A friday thought

This morning I went to the park to work out. I was not able to make it to my gym because I had a sick little boy all night and I ended up going to bed at 4am. Then from 4am on it was more of a sleep with a little boy laying on top of me sleep. I canceled my gym apt and slept in. Then later in the day when he wanted nothing to do with me and just wanted his dad I went for a short run or maybe I just wanted to get outside. I always start of slow I am a person that does things slow and I slowly adapt and running is no different even if I do it every day. I ended up running for an hour and just tinkling about lucky I and grateful I feel that I get the opportunity to train with friends who are willing to teach me and each other what they know about this sport.  I also find it surprising that I have changed so much . I never thought I would so excited about my Saturday long run but I am. I am really excited about getting up at 4am so I can be at our running location on time. I am excited about knowing I will be spending most of the morning out in the wilderness just running around. I know it will be hard but it is just that feeling that I crave. The feeling of knowing that I am slowly getting stronger. I took this picture of my girl friend last week. It looks so perfect . The trees the sunlight gleaming through the trees and a strong female running.  Tomorrow will be another glorious Saturday that for me includes a long run with friends. What does your Saturday look like ? make it a good time. 

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