Sunday, February 21, 2016


When I started running with the Trail Crashers (the awesome group I train with ) I used to always arrive 5 minutes late. I know that's bad but I was really trying to be on time my problem was I was always getting lost. Where the hell is this mountain. That's what I would be yelling in the car !!!! I am much better at directions now. I started late yesterday but this time it was because I did not hear my alarm. I would rather miss my alarm then be late because I got lost. I was sad not to start with my friends but I knew I would see them soon. 

I started running up and they would be on there way back soon.  It is so much easier to push yourself ( this is for me ) when my friends are pushing themselves. I took so many pictures on the first half on my run because I alone. I stopped way more then I should of but man it was so pretty out there. That's me saying HI !!! universe you are simply awesome. 

 This is just so beautiful to me. It feels so magical and I feel like my swells up when I am out here.

I finally found my group and the PCT blessed us once again with its beauty. There was walkers ,hikers and runners out here. These are the images I imagine at 4:30 am when I my alarm goes of. This is what gets me out of bed. 

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