Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Under the Weather

Here I was being so careful trying so hard not to get sick. I have been taking good care of myself and just like that I got it. I got that cough and fever I have been hearing all about . I hear people coughing in the store and at coffee shop and now me in my house !! So here I lie on my couch feeling tired and just not like myself. No running for me but the bright side is it is just a matter of time before I get better right ? This is what happens around my house when I am home all day. I made lemon pound cake and a huge super yummy salad that even my kids ate. I super cleaned Jacks room and re organized my running bag oh and I also cut up all the card board in the garage. I think I need to just sit here. I do have a race on Saturday. I am running the Sycamore 50k. It is a 8 mile loop race in Poway. I am going to really focus of my nutrition so I can see how I feel . I am working on trying to see what I will end up using at Western States. This race is local and not that long so I figure it is a perfect race to really start focusing what I am eating. Have a great day and thanks for reading ..
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