Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Choose to be strong

And just like that after being sick and feeling scared I showed up and we went on our Saturday long run. This took about 4 hours and some of us ran 19 miles and others 20 miles. We had some great trail conversations you know we talked about our aches ( you know after 4 hours something always hurts ) we talked races and life stuff. I have come to really appreciate my running friends and the time we spend out there getting our miles in.
I know I have written about this before but this life lesson keeps coming up in my life. It is so important to show up especially if the reason you think about not showing up is you doubt .
 Fuck doubt
 Show up because you love yourself enough to prove doubt wrong and you right.
Choose to be strong
Choose to get stronger
Choose to not give up
Choose to show up
because if you don't no one else will do it for you and you are enough. 
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