Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Stuff

It has been crazy around here. Time seems to be going by way to fast. Oh this month of march is a quick one. My sweet daughter is 13 now. How exciting for her she is now a teenager . We had a really great time celebrating her birthday. Our family got together and ate really good food and opened presents. It was simple but special. 

Jack and my dad and I also headed to the mountains. Yes the mountains they call me. We had so much fun and Jack is getting so good at hiking. He loved being outside. 

I love spending time with these two. My dad holding Jacks hand. The best part is that Jack can scream as much as he wants and since he found his voice he loves to yell. 

We played with dirt and leaves. Through sticks and and jumped around. The best part was seeing 7 deer. 

I think I could of stayed out there all day but Jack feel asleep. 

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