Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Old West 50k ultra race report

Today I ran the Old West 50k ultra and 30k fun run. It was so much fun I couldn't wait to get it all down. So it all started out last night . I drove to the race about 7pm. It is about 1:45 minutes away from my house in Julian Ca.  I really do not like the drive to this race so I was really happy when my friend asked if I wanted stay the night at a cabin she rented this way I could drive there the day before and not deal with the drive in the a.m.  The cabin was super cute and simple. I slept in a bunk bed are you jelouse ?? It was fun and I slept really well.
 We got up at 5:30 am and just got dressed and ready to go . They had a great continental breakfast for us . Coffee, danishes, bananas , coffee and orange juice. The bathroom was close by with no lines. As I was walking out of the bathroom I saw we had like 2 minutes to go before we started. The race director Larry gave us some words of encouragement and sent us on our way.
At 7am we all took off. The 50k took of first and the 30k started at 7:30 am.  The weather was nice a little cold in the morning but that is a good thing because we where in the dessert so the warm weather was on its a way and it was just a matter of time. I decided early on I would push myself. I did not want to run comfortably this time I wanted to run strong. I figure I have been working out way more so why not give it my all. I stayed in the line up I started with and ran the first 7 miles at a 10 minute pace. I was surprised I was able to run at that pace only because I have it in my head that I run at 12 or 13 minute miles. I felt fine at this pace and then I really started to look around. The dessert was blooming. There was purple and yellow flowers. The cacti where bright green and the I was reminded of  Dr. Suess  The places you will go. The scenery was beautiful . The sky seem to just go on forever and ever.  I loved being able to say hi to so many friends . At mile 16 I actually bought up to Julianne I am not sure who was more surprised her or I. She is the person who I want to run like. She is a strong female and I admire that about her..She took of because she was ready to go and when I looked to see where she was guess what I couldn't  see her. SHE GONE !
  The aid stations had everything you needed happy volunteers and good food and cow bells. I got a hug from Gayle had my staple a banana and then I was off.
 I mostly listened to The Bee Gees and the Staying Alive sound track. I know it sounds crazy but how can you not smile when you listen to this stuff.  My plan was not to walk for more than 20 seconds. I did that and it hurt but I pushed it and I was able to keep going with out feeling tired. 
 I thought about so many awesome things and made plans and prayed .  The hardest mile was the last one. I ended up finishing 5:46 and hour faster than last year. (A whole hour)  that is so cool. I was 5th female and 2nd in my age group.  My friend Julianne came in first in our age group.She is a rock start !! I had wonderful time and I highly reccomend this race. It was so much fun.
50k 5:46
2nd female in the 40 to 50 
7th female 
An hour faster than last time !!!

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