Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hi Peeps

On Saturday we ran the headed out to the PCT . We ran the about 18 miles and I had a slow run but I had company so it was awesome. It has been raining a lot here so the trails are really green. You could smell the dew when we started and it was not really warm so that was nice.
I tried the no caffeine before a run thing and it did not work for me so it ended up being a long 18 miles. I never mind the long part I feel like I just get to be out there longer. I do mind the feeling sluggish part because man its a lot of work running that far when your tired.  I am also loving my shoes peeps.. Altras have been a life saver for my feel for sure. SO training is going well. You know I just keep showing up and doing my best.
I want to thank my friend Louka for the picture.
Happy trails. 

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