Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring is in bloom

This past week I got a-lot of my runs done at Hodges. It gets kinda hot there and thats really good for my training and its flat not good for my training but sometimes it is about getting done and not getting done well.  One of lives things I am figuring out is just that. My expectations of my runs has evolved. I used to belive that every run needed to be a great run but now I now that they just need to get done. 
I would love to think that every run is a good run but there is good and just get it done good. I feel so passionate about this sport. I look forward to the good ones and the damb that was hard ones. Its so crazy how after every run no matter how it goes you feel grateful you had that time. You never feel bad about having had run. I love that. 

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