Monday, March 28, 2016

Mountains here I come !

This Saturday it was back to normal. After two weeks of not running with my fellow  Trail Crashers it was back to the mountains time. So what was on the menu for this weeks run.
                           The Special for March 26th
                            25 Miles of hard work
                            about 6 hours of running.
                            4,004 feet of elevation gain
                            or 5,725 max elevation.
                            We will be climbing 2 mountains.
                            1 of them twice. 

It was about 40 degrees at the start but the more time I spend in the sun the less cold I feel in the morning. This was what I would call perfect running weather. I try not to think about the starting and just start. I thought I had charged my Garmin but it was dead so off I went with no watch. I asked my friend to tell me when an hour was up so I could take a gel and that seemed to work just fine. Its always a nice feeling to run with out watch. There so big so I felt lighter and just forgot about the time. Today was no different than any other Saturday in Cuyamaca.

The sky was a bright blue and the air was crisp. The mountains never lose the huge majestic beauty. I wish I could can up this feeling you get when your out there. Its like feeling completely alive from the inside out. All the crap of life just seems to be left behind you as you move. You do not have to be a fast runner you just have to show up and move. Then suddenly you feel it. Its so freaking awesome. 

I have been working on my legs. You know gym stuff and I could tell on this run. The hills did not kill me like they usually do and I actually felt good for the whole run. That does not happen often but it happened. 

When I started with bobbie turned into real passion I expected lots of running but I really did not think about the best thing I have gained through this really really good friend. These girls have seen me at my worst out there. We look out for each other. I have made amazing friends and I am so grateful for that. 
This last Saturdays awesome group showed up in full force. We all had a good run and we ran into the man himself Mr. Scott Mills.
 Last week was my first 60 mile week. I am so happy today is a rest day. Then tomorrow its back at it. I hope you have a wonderful week and fallow your passion . Don't quite your day job just practice what you love !!! 

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