Wednesday, May 25, 2016

to WS training camp I go

 It's here the Western States memorial weekend training camp.    I just laid out all my clothes for this weekend.  What do I take? Everything that has to do with running is what I want to take. You know just in case I need it all. I got new shoes yesterday and I will get my new insoles fitted in them tomorrow . I know I probably should not of gotten new shoes but my feet where killing me and new shoes feel the best to me. I feel like my little broken bones in my feet are healing. I have been so careful only running on soft sand but still getting my miles in. It will be interesting to see how my feet do in the Canyons of Western. (I can't even believe they picked me )
I am going to over pack of course but I will have what I need to be able to run the 70 miles in 3 days. We are taking a little road trip up to Auburn so it should be fun. I will keep you posted. 

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