Thursday, June 2, 2016

Western States training camp day 1

Day 1. Day of of camp was the hardest day for me. The run was a scheduled 32 miles with 3 water stations about 8 miles apart. We woke up really early because we really were not sure how many people would show up and how much parking there was. The run started at 8 am we arrived at 6:30 am. There was so much excitement in the air as we all stood together and listened to the directions and information we needed to know for the run ahead. My pacer Julianne won a north face Western states Jacket early in the morning and I knew that was sign that we where going to have a great time. The run started in the snow and at Robinson Flat. A huge part of me could barely believe I was there. A bigger part still can't believe I will be running this race in 20 days. The three of us stayed together and Julianne led the pack then Becca and then me. This was the hardest day for me. I was doing well until mile 16 then I got really hungry and I threw up. I just kept fallowing along and making progress. 

I had a great time but I just felt kinda sick. I did not have breakfast just banana and I figured out that I need a full breakfast. The trail was so so beautiful. I have not smelled or seen that type of beauty before. The pine trees stood high and the sky had levels of blue. The air was so clean I felt like where running in fairy land. We talked about life and kids and love and God. We laughed and I just felt like my heart was going to burst with happiness because it was just so beautiful. I did get my butt kicked. This was not easy for me and that's OK. I did to and I felt OK.

I was so happy to be done because I was starving..We crossed rivers and saw waterfalls. The actual trail is epic. That's why it Western States right !! I felt like we where on a very cool running adventure the entire time. I think it took us like 7 hours to run 32 miles. The hills went seriously up or seriously down. My legs where burning but I would be lying if I did not say I love that part.  I was relieved to see that I lived through day 1. The actual training run was really put together nicely. They had aid station and the course was really well marked. I love that. The people where all really sweet and friendly too. 

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