Thursday, July 7, 2016

My thoughts today

I really want to share 10 of my favorite thoughts from Western States before I forget. I am still riding high from the experience and I am wearing my buckle as I type.
1. When the race started I remember climbing thinking OK I am at 6200 feet and I am going straight up to Emigrant Pass 8750 feet. A climb of 2550 feet in 4 1/2 miles. That's really cool that I can do this. Then my thoughts where I can do this! I can do this !
2. When I got to the top someone told me you need to keep going don't look around you don't have time. My thoughts where Don't look around really ? I stopped and took it all in nodded at that guy and went on my way. I guess he brought me back to the present moment and I was glad I really stopped to take that insane view in.
3. My favorite view . I loved the weather it was so nice and the runners in front of looked little and to my left where these huge canyons and trees it was glorious. I often think how cool it would be to have ginger runner talents and be able to film and then show these beautiful views.
4. Seeing my crew for the first time. I loved hearing familiar voices and knowing they love me enough to be here all day for me. How lucky am I.
5. I ran with a couple of really cool people I admire big time. They told me some stories about there favorite 100 mile races and I love that time when nothing else matters just the trail the story being told to you .
6. I thought a-lot about how lucky I was to have such amazing race directors who really care in San Diego. They know your name they make you feel like your really part of this group that loves to run. I admire our race directors there amazing ultra-runners and they put on great races. I wish I could do them all.
7. The pain. The pain was real but It was really cool to know my mind was in charge. I told myself no pain and it went away.
8. At mile Hwy 49 I had bit to go and I was so tired and as I ran I through the meadow I thought about The Trail Crashers and how much I love theses people. How when I started running with them  I was way slower 2 years ago  and they always waited for me. It seems so fitting that 5 of them ran in with me at the finish.
9. I remember trying so hard to run and barely running but it felt like I was winning. Does that make sense ?
10. My husband usually can't make my races because we have kids and Jack my youngest is 2 and staying home with Jack is easier for both of us. Mike was there the entire race and he crewed me and he has told me so many times how I can run any race I want because he saw how much I really love this and my passion is awesome . How cool is that. 
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