Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturdays good time run

I woke up at 4am yesterday. I was really tired and as I sat up in bed and came too I remembered why I was up and then this feeling came over me of simple happiness. I made my way to kitchen started my coffee maker and then got dressed. It has been about 7 weeks since I went out for a run with my friends and fellow Trail Crashers. I was honestly thinking man I hope I still remember how to do this. It was going to be a hot day out and so I took lots of water and I chose to use Tailwind and V-fuel. I don't think I can a GU for a while since Western States. All I remember is how it felt coming up and not down. 
Our group run was at Cuyamaca State Park and that's about 73 miles from my house. I was in the car at 5 am and about 15 min early to our run.  I was so excited to see the gang. I missed them all and I know with the heat we are having there is no way I would of ran by myself . We started running at 6:30 am and it was a long hard 12 miles for me. I feel out of shape and I gained some weight hanging out at home but you have to start in order to make it happen. I had a lot of those moments when you just feel tired and hot but I really embraced those moments and told myself G your back here running . The little cheerleader in my brain was cheering for me. The group added 4 extra miles for those that felt like running more. I joined them because I was so excited to be out there. Those extra 4 miles kinda kicked my butt because I did not take enough water and I started getting a headache. I finished with a smile and I am so grateful that I got to run with my friends on Saturday.. 
The only reason I would wake up at 4am is to meet with the TC and go for a run. I needed up running 17 miles and it was hard but I loved it. 
Happy Trails friends. 
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