Friday, July 15, 2016

SUmmer days

Summer has been treating us well. I still have not gone for a run . I am letting those fractured bones on my feet heal and it has not been easy. I am so ready to go but my feet really hurt so I am finding other things to keep my busy. Jack and I have been going for walks as soon as we wake up and its really nice to get outside and just move. We have been using my dads pool a couple times a week and our latest thing has been taking Rock climbing classes. Jack loves it and he seems to be getting more comfortable with it every time we go.
I am definitely dying to figure out what my next goal race will be. I love having a big goal to work for. There are so many great races it is hard to choose. I am sure it won't be long before I figure what is next. Hard Rock is this weekend and I am fallowing my favorite runners as I type.  Hard Rock looks like an entire different animal as far as 100s go.
I hope to be out these running soon . Hope your summer is going well and your staying cool . 

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