Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mommy Adventures

A day in the life of mommy adventures !!
One of my favorite things to do is to create an adventure day. I think its fair to say I don't like being home all day. I get stuff done around the house and since I can't really run right now to much because I just hurt. (not to worry that will change as soon as I heal ) I spent the morning completely reorganizing , painting and cleaning out the pantry. When I was done Jack and I went on a walk to lunch and then we decided to go the movies. His first movie. ( how exciting) They say you have to make your own adventure and it was.
I took the stroller and I knew little man would start of walking with me but our walk would be long and it was hot so the stroller would come in handy. We walked for about 30 minutes playing carwash before he decided he wanted in the stroller. We played  the alphabet game. We had so much fun and before you know it we stopped to have lunch. Lunch was also awesome . I find all these little moments in our day that seem to stand out. Time goes by so quickly it's almost like I am holding on to it as it passes through my fingers.  We walked to the movies and maybe this sounds weird but when you drive everywhere walking all day is really cool. The movie was a couple miles away so we listened to music and walked some more. The chances of making it through the movie I knew where slim but I thought the walking and lunch would make my chances greater of making through the movie and I was wrong. The movie was fun and we only stayed an hour and I did not mind leaving early. So we created our own adventure today and I walked 10,000 steps and little man when to bed at 7pm  because he was so tired from all the fun. Oh and my pantry looks awesome !!!

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