Wednesday, August 3, 2016

No sugar REALLY

This is the story: Yesterday I went to get a massage by my friend Lori. We talk a-lot she is a massage therapist and also a nutritionist. I noticed on my drive to her office that I was having serious sugar cravings then I realized that's because I have candy in my car.(and other places ) I had a bag of jelly beans , caramel chews and a massive box of gum. I eat candy all the time and I have tried to quit so many times to no avail. I told Lori that I really wanted to stop eating so much sugar and that I felt really sore after every run and just bloated. We talked about my diet and she told me maybe you should start with no sugar. You want to stop so why don't you start with something your excited to stop doing. I told her I don't think I can. She looked at me calmly and said G stop making excuses and just do it.
That's all I needed to hear. Why do we make things seem harder than they are ? Its simple . I am stronger than the urge I feel to eat candy all the time (right?) and today I decided that I would stop. There is so much literature out there that explains how bad it is for you. I also want to set a good example to my kids and I just want to freaking prove to myself I can.

Things went better than I thought. I went the whole day with out any artificial sugar. I honestly can not remember the last time I did that. I had a fruit salad but I think that is ok. Something clicked yesterday when my friend told me to stop making excuses. Why do we make rings out to be harder than they really are  ? I was reminded by my sister in law that I ran two 100 mile races so why do I think I can't do this. Yes I am a candy lover and cake and cup cakes and I love baking and eating dessert with my kids but I am going to find sugar free options for me. I am going to figure it out. I just don't feel well the way I have been eating and the bottom line is if I am running so many freaking miles because I have goal races then why don't I also eat healthy that might help too. 
I am learning and lately I have been really looking into what I put in my body so I am hoping that I will be successful in my journey to no Mcdonalds or candy and yes to home cooking and veggies. 

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