Sunday, September 18, 2016

Noble Canyon race report 2016

Race day arrived just as planned. My friend Daniel picked me up at 4 am and I was grateful to have a ride. We arrived around 5:30 am and it was so so cold and it got colder. I got my number 122 and I got some coffee went to the potty and waited for 6:30am. 

before you know it the race started.
OK I am going to be honest here. I have been really tired lately and even though I am getting my miles in I just have not been feeling it. You know the happy freedom you usually feel when you run and you find your happy place. Its been missing but soon to return I am sure.
For this race I decided my game plan would be this. I wanted to have a good time and just try to be in the moment and take in the course. I thought to myself lets just look at it as a 31 mile day. I started in the back and hung out with some awesome runners. They told me cool stories and this runner right behind me was wearing sandals and the guy in front of me was 72 years young. That's what it is all about for me. I love the stories and I love the people I meet. A huge part of the  trail running community is meeting super interesting people. I ran in the near the back about  12 miles and then I felt like I was ready to run a bit faster. 

It was getting warmer and this was not an easy course but I just kept thinking baby steps forward  G. The aid stations where so awesome. The volunteers took great care of us and they had everything you could ask for. I had amazing cantaloupe and water melon and some bananas and potatoes. They had ice for us and filled my water bottles on the spot.  Arriving at every aid station was a relief was such a nice break. There ready to help you and I always felt better leaving than coming in.  

I started feeling really good at like 14 and like crap at 22. Gotta love the range of feeling you get to experience during an ultra. I saw a couple of my friends and got some hugs. I saw the awesome Scott Mills then my thoughts went to how lucky I am. I will always envision him at Western States calling me into Michigan Bluff looking at me and telling what I needed to do to keep going. Then he patted me on the shoulder and said you can do this. It was one of those moments that just stays with you because he is a legend in this sport. You know the man.
I was tired and hot but just kept taking baby steps said hi to everyone and just enjoyed the myself. 

I knew my friends would be waiting for me and I was anxious to see them and ready to be done. This is a tough course it descends Noble Canyon and then Pine Mountain and Indian Creek Trails. You definitely earn your medal at this race. My time was 7:29 and I am happy with that. Happy I got to meet so many new runners and hear so many inspiring stories. Happy to see my Trail Crasher friends. It is always such a nice reunion to see each other after knowing we where all out there doing our best getting out ass kicked somehow.
 I met a girl named Stormy and she was all sunshine. I would say that it was a great day and a tough race and I can't wait until year.

Finding what makes you come alive is what it is all about and for some of us its getting to kiss a rat after a long day !!! Good Times
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