Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Thoughts

Do you ever feel like your living in this space where you know what you like and your surroundings are all familiar . You have your routine and you consider yourself lucky because you have a passion. Getting older I feel more secure about what is mine and at the same time scared that all my first have already happened. I often ask myself what is your big dream G. What would you love to do ? Whats holding you back ? My forever excuse has been having kids. I feel instant guilt when I put my needs first. I have had kids for 22 years. Half of my life. I never really thought that I could do things. Western States was my first big ME moment. I did something that with the help of my husband and Trail Crashers was all mine. It was and still is my biggest G moment. It taught me that I should keep trying to dream big because if I fall short I can always try again as long as I don't give up I am ahead.

Here are a couple of my big G dreams
 Go to college and I want to take writing classes .
 Have a calendar one day with my favorite paintings all done by me.
I want to run another 100 mile race. I am thinking San Diego 100 next year and I can have my kids pace me for a couple miles ..
How exciting my kids running with me.
My biggest one. Write a children's book a book about a little girl that came here from Mexico not able to speak English with out her mom or dad. How she was able to see the good in people and be more than OK.
The next step is always the scariest if you can dream it then you need to write a map that takes you there..Stop thinking about it and make it happen time..
Does this weather have you thinking ? Have a happy Day.
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