Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Days

Happy September --
Can you believe its only 4 months until Christmas ? Crazy hu
Checking in with the plan for the month.
 I have a race coming up Noble Canyon 50k Sept 17th.  It is always exciting to have something on the books. My training is going well I wish I gotten  to the gym more but I will be happy with having enough time to get my miles in. My plan this month is to make all of our group runs too.. I thought I would write a list of the stuff I have been crazy interested in this month. Some to do with running other and motherhood.

I have been digging my new Under Armor shorts I got at REI. My favorite thing about them is they have legit pockets and they breathe so well. I had to get both black and blue.

After Western States I could put another GU in my mouth. I felt like I had a really bad GU hang over. It was not the GU it was my poor planning when it came to my nutrition but still I can't eat them yet so I switched to V-Fuel . I am really liking this stuff its easier to swallow because it is not so sticky and thick and it taste great. I like the vanilla flavor. My tummy likes it too. Its a win win.

OK lets talk how crazy I am about my Fitbit.  I am a loving it and have become a little obsessed with my daily steps after finding out I could compete against my friends and myself. This little bracelet is super rad.

My new shoes are working really well for me. I have gone through so many shoes and I know we are all different and I would recommend everyone go the REI or your local shoe store and try all different brands and trust your judgment. If they don't feel good on your feet  just be done with them and move on. I am really liking the Hokas  . I go to this website first and if I cat find them there them I buy them at the store.
My favorite food right now are almonds.. It is kinda silly but I am loving almonds.
My favorite song Gold Kiiara.  I am seriously digging this song.

The other thing I never leave home with out specially right now that Jack and I are going on our long walks is my City Stroller. This is not my running stroller it is my walking easy stroller. I can carry it with one hand and still hold Jack Stroller. It is really nice so he can nap in it and it is nice enough to go into a restaurant with it. It is super durable but it is not made for running. You need to get a BOB for running. Hands down the best stroller for running. I am also digging this lunch box for our snacks. Its so cute and it closes well. The puppy box.
Hope you are off to great start and may you have an awesome month !!

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