Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mount Laguna Trail marathon race report

The Mount Laguna marathon was on the same day as the time change and I was a whole 3 hours early. I know what your thinking and I was thinking the same thing. Really G       I was greeted by Scott Mills and he pointed me and all the other runners to our parking space. I was really looking forward to this race. The race director does a great amazing job putting this race together and the volunteers are so kind and its so much fun. It was a really cold morning but since the race started at 7:30 it gave the morning time to warm up. Becca and Julianne and phillip where  there running too. Having close friends makes life feel better. We all got our bibs right on time. There was coffee and clean bathrooms muffins . The whole morning was easy and everyone had big smiles on there face. I felt lucky to be able to just be there.
Off we went. I went at a pace that did not really feel comfortable to me. I wanted to go a bit faster just to see what I could do. I have been just having fun finishing so I told myself lets see if you can do 20 minutes batter than last year. I felt fine and in a great mood the entire race. I listened to a new play list at mile 12.5 and that just made me even happier. The trail was beautiful with a brisk wind and the sun was still warm on me. I got to see a bunch of my friends at aid stations and running. I had a GU every hour and one before the race started . I ate bananas and sprite at the aid stations. I felt great the whole way and it was a blast.
I did way better than I thought I would. I beat my time by 25 minutes. It took me 5:25 minutes. Than was great for me. I was thrilled that all this running is paying off and that just cause I am getting older does not mean I am getting slower. This was my fastest trail marathon so far. The best part was running Mount Laguna in the fall. It is so pretty out there. After we crossed the finished line the race director put this amazing medal around our necks.    Look at this medal it is perfect. Every year they give us a piece of art for finishing this race and then our swag bags. OMG Crazy awesomeness for real. Once again running this race did not disappoint in any way!!! From the time the race starts you know you are right where you are supposed to be. I am already excited for next year...It was awesome !
at the end of the day I feel blessed to have been able to take part in such a great event.
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